(TNAH), which features stunning contemporary design, earned an Emerald-level NGBS Green certi cation by incorporating the latest green and sustainable building materials, products, energy-ef cient techniques and construction methods in order to reduce its impact on the environment and provide the highest levels of comfort and quality of life for the occupants. The 2017 TNAH offers a collection of ideas about construction technology, design concepts, optimal housing performance, and healthy living features that others in the home building industry can take away and incorporate, in whole or in part, in any home, built anywhere, at any price point. Through the home’s systems engineering, Phil Kean Design Group demonstrates how to optimize energy performance without signi cantly impacting the cost of construction. 

In keeping with increasing demand for energy and resource efficiency, TNAH 2017 was designed and built to accomplish "Net Zero" and Emerald status certification under the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS). The standard was developed by NAHB and the International Code Council and is approved by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. Emerald is the highest of the four levels of green building achievement that the standard recognizes.

To attain Emerald status, TNAH 2017 will rely on the latest innovations in green building and construction technology, including a state-of-the-art energy efficiency package. The home’s green building features include photovoltaic panels and open celled spray-foam insulation that also reduces sound transmission through plumbing walls. It also includes a weather-sensitive irrigation system that automatically adjusts usage relative to the immediate climate, tankless water heaters, hydronic air handlers, intelligent fireplaces and sustainable building materials.


  • National Green Building Standard - Emerald Level Certification
  • USGBC - LEED Gold
  • US DOE Energy Star Certified
  • US DOE Zero Energy Ready Home
  • US EPA Indoor airPLUS
  • Wellness Within Your Walls

Photos Courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

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