AutoNation - Mercedes Benz of Sarasota

LEED Certified

Service - LEED Certification

54,450 sq/ft.  $8,500,000

AutoNation chose Two Trails to be the Sustainable Building Consultants for their first LEED certified Dealership. AutoNation owns and operates 258 new vehicle franchises in 15 states.  AutoNation offers a diversified range of automotive products and services.  AutoNation has sold over 8 million vehicles, the only auto retailer to achieve this milestone.  AutoNation seeks to be the best run, most profitable automotive retailer in the nation.  Achieving this new milestone is one reason AutoNation can be proud to have chosen to build and certify Mercedes of Sarasota to the LEED certification process. The AutoNation Mercedes of Sarasota has achieved a LEED certification and obtain a Certified designation on the LEED certification scale.