Gateway Bank - Sarasota

LEED Certified

Services - LEED Certification

60,544 sq/ft   $1,200,000

Gateway Bank in Sarasota, FL, wanted to make a statement that they were concerned about the community and the environment by not only using an existing structure as a base instead of totally new construction, but through the LEED certification showing that all that was done was 3rd party verified. From a financial aspect, it is expected to substantially reduce operating costs. Utility usage is projected to be reduced by more than 30.44%.
Overall, the project reduced property maintenance cost by properly choosing materials, HVAC systems and low flow fixtures that will reduce water consumption. The former bank building was converted to a new modern bank located in a very busy commercial shopping center outparcel. By taking the existing building built in 1996 and combining it with new construction techniques, they saved thousands in construction costs. The old structure was in impeccable condition this project emphasized the fact that you don't necessarily need to tear down a building to get a clean modern look and feel. Furthermore, it provides a healthy indoor air quality environment for the employees, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.