Cars are Going Green and so are the Dealerships That Sell Them

Car manufactures are hitting the alternative energy car wave hard with hybrid mixed energy sources, and now all electric cars.  Automotive manufactures are showing their commitment to alternative fuels and being environmentally conscious, now automotive dealers are joining them! Three dealerships in Florida, AutoNation in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch Toyota in Bradenton and Dew Euro Car in St. Petersburg, have all chosen Two Trails as their green consulting firm on their individual projects.  “We are elated to see these dealers step up in their respective communities and not only sell and promote a greener mode of transportation, but build their dealerships to the current green building standards.”, stated Drew Smith, President of Two Trails.  Common reasons a consumer would by a hybrid car is to save money on fuel, conscious of their environmental impact (carbon footprint), sustainability over longer periods of time, and to be at the forefront of new technology.  All these reasons are great reasons to buy a hybrid vehicle.  AutoNation, Lakewood Ranch Toyota and Dew Euro Car were perceptive in seeing these practices benefiting their customers in the car industry and had the foresight to apply green practices into their next dealerships.

The new dealerships will have a controlled impact on the environment during the building stage. They are designed to save energy on the buildings utilities and operating costs, provide a healthy work environment for their employees and customers using proper insulation, ventilation, and non or low VOC material. For years to come these buildings, will require less maintenance, and be at the forefront of green building technologies helping to sustain their properties for future generations.

They realize that there is a difference in saying your green and being green.  AutoNation, Lakewood Ranch Toyota and Dew Euro Car realize having green consultants and third party verifiers on their respective projects will get them to the certifications they want to achieve and have the peace of mind that their buildings are performing to the green standards that they implement.   AutoNation, Lakewood Ranch Toyota and Dew Euro Car are prime examples that being green is not just an isolated choices like: recycling, purchasing a hybrid vehicle, or constructing a green building, but a lifestyle that individuals and business can choose to participate in.  The impacts their decisions make affect not only their perspective communities, but are lessons for all businesses not just the automotive industry.

A green lifestyle is about considering all aspects of what you purchase and how you choose to live your life. Today we have certified green homes so that we can have a healthy environment to raise our children. As awareness expands for not only the healthy indoor environment that green buildings have but also the understanding that being built to a green standard really cuts down on operational costs of commercial buildings is the new driving force to achieving green certification. The added benefit is less environmental impact and increased productivity.

“It’s not often choosing a building option is actually a win-win for all parties involved! Because, that is exactly what making a commitment to obtaining a green certification is an option. These dealerships had to make a decision to do what they felt is beneficial not only for their company, but for their employees and customers. It sets them apart from their competition,” stated Debbie Smith, Vice President of Two Trails.

About Two Trails, Inc.

Two Trails, Inc. is a Green Building Consulting firm established in 2001. We provide green consulting services nationwide for commercial, residential, remodeling, and developments looking to obtain LEED (US Green Building Council) NAHB Green Home Standard, Energy Star, FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition) certifications.

Our President, Drew M. Smith, LEED AP, was the founding President of the Florida Green Building Coalition and is the first Governor appointed Green Building Commissioner for the State of Florida. Two Trails, Inc. provides hands-on consulting making it easy to achieve certification.

About AutoNation, Inc.

AutoNation, Inc.(NYSE: AN) is America's largest Automotive Retailer. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., AutoNation employs approximately 19,000 people at 206 dealership locations representing 244 franchises today and was named America's Most Admired Automotive Retailer by FORTUNE MAGAZINE for 6 of the last 8 years. AutoNation is a member of the S&P 500.  AutoNation has sold over 7 million vehicles, the only auto retailer to achieve this milestone.

About Dew Euro Car

Dew Luxury Motor Cars has served the West Coast of Florida for over 95 years. Originally known as the St. Petersburg Garage, the dealership sold Cadillac, Essex and Hudson automobiles in the early 1900's. In 1915, founder and automotive pioneer, Mr. Roy E. Dew relocated the dealership to its previous location on Third Avenue and Third Street in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. It was at this time; Mr. Dew recognized Cadillac as the "Standard of the World" and concentrated his efforts accordingly. Many of America's famous have visited Dew Cadillac throughout the decades. These include such recognized celebrities as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Marilyn Monroe, and yes, even Cadillac Connoisseur, Elvis Presley.

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