New Home Builder Achieves One of the Highest HERS Ratings Recorded for the State of Florida

Achieving a high HERS rating is one of the key elements to obtaining a Green Certification on any residential property.

(PRWEB) October 20, 2006 -- David Melville, President of David Melville Contracting Service, has set a new standard in the Green Building industry. Mr. Melville has been involved in the construction industry for a many years but it was not until 2006 that he decided to move to the next step and enter the market place as a homebuilder.

Mr. Melville is overjoyed with the success he is having with his first model home and first entry in the Parade of Homes in Lakeland, FL, “It is truly satisfying to see this home meet FGBC’s standards and then come in with one of the highest HERS ratings is just really exciting!”

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Standard is the accepted standard of the Florida Home Builders Association for Green Building. A home built according to the standard saves natural resources while reducing utility cost and has a higher overall building standard. During the building process, a builder typically will hire a third party consultant to inspect the home during various construction phases.

A consultant will keep the builder apprised of his progress, if there are areas of concern the consultant will discuss this with the builder and get it corrected. Typically, there is a learning curve for building a green home. It takes not only the builder wanting to build a better home but also the subcontractors all have to learn new ways of applying their trades. In the end, the one who really benefits from a Green Certified Home is the homebuyer since the home is more durable and saves them money right from the start, perhaps even qualifying them for a better mortgage based on the additional expendable income they will have to qualify.

Mr. Melville hired on Two Trails, Inc. as his Green Consultants, “I have known Drew Smith for a number of years and have always respected his opinions, and I knew he could help me reach the certification.” The innovative techniques applied to reduce energy costs and create durability intrigued Mr. Smith. He knew the home was going to rate high after his inspection, “I had a feeling this house was something special, but when the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating came in I was blown away!”

The 2006 Fall Parade of Homes begins on Saturday, October 21, 2006 and runs through Sunday, October, 29th Mr. Melville’s model home is located at 6490 Walkers Glen Ct. Lakeland, FL. Touring the model you will be made aware of the unique characteristics and innovative technologies that David Melville Contracting Services has designed into their precedent setting new model home.

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