Gulf Gate Library

LEED Silver

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Gulf Gate Library is a 2 story, 25,920 sq. ft. building featuring automated book sorting technology, a dividable meeting room equipped with a “hearing loop” for the hearing impaired, children’s and teens’ areas, group study rooms, and comfortable reading areas. In response to the unique shape of the site and the requirements of the building program, the east wall of the building is set at a 10 degree angle to the rest of the architecture, creating a unique building geometry and space for walled reading gardens. Plan organization locates the lobby, meeting room, bookstore and the public computer area along a central east – west axis, with library collections to the north and south and staff and support areas to the west at the back of the site. The plan allows for flexibility in the use of the space, as areas such as the lobby and meeting room are located adjacent to the main entrance and can be utilized outside of general library hours for special events. The aesthetics of the library reflect the Craftsman style architecture in Sarasota. Exterior materials include ledge stone, cement plaster, wood veneer panels, and standing seam roofing and wall cladding. Sustainable design elements include north facing clerestory glazing to allow diffused natural light into the center of the building, LED lighting, a displacement ventilation system, a magnetic bearing chiller, water efficient plumbing fixtures, locally produced and recycled building materials, and electric vehicle charging stations. The project earned a LEED Silver certification.


Pinellas County - Public Works Emergency Responders & Vehicle Storage

LEED Gold & LEED Silver

86,686 sq/ft & 10,864 sq/ft.   $30,346,462 & $5,000,000

The PWERB is designed to withstand a CAT 5 event (156 mph 1-minute sustained wind, 190 mph 3-second gusts) and is located above the 500-year Flood Plain. The structure is a 2- story building with tilt-wall concrete precast wall panels and a flat concrete composite roof, with 3 ft. high strip windows or punched windows with FEMA 361 attributes and green tinted impact glass.

The Vehicle Storage Building (VSB) is a 1-story metal building consisting of 10,864 GSF and is designed to withstand a CAT 5 event (156 mph 1-minute sustained wind, 190 mph 3- second gusts) and is located above the 500-year Flood Plain. The use of this building is for Warehouse/Storage and to house/protect approximately 32 County vehicles.



Mote Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Research & Restoration

Services - LEED Certification & Commissioning

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Public Works & Operations

16,208 sq/ft  $2,000,000

This free-standing, one-story building consists of 16,208 GSF, with structural concrete precast wall panels and double tee precast roof with 3 ft. high punch windows with FEMA 361 attributes and grey tinted impact glass. The building houses the Public Works Operations offices, break room and training room. The Operations Component at this building doubles as a First Responders Shelter. The warehouse stores/protects approximately 17 city vehicles and a shop area. The building is designed to a CAT 5 hurricane (156 mph 1- minute sustained wind, 190 mph 3-second gusts) event with redundant emergency systems.

LEED Gold Certified-Public Works Administration and EOC.jpg

Public Works & Administration EOC - City of Seminole

4,476 sq/ft  $1,000,000

This is a free-standing, 4,476 GSF, one-story building with structural concrete precast wall panels and a double tee precast concrete roof, with 3 ft. high punched windows with FEMA 361 attributes and tinted impact glass. The building is designed to a CAT 5 hurricane event (156 mph 1-minute sustained wind, 190 mph 3-second gusts) with redundant emergency systems, and is located above the 500-year Flood Plain. The EOC component of this facility will shelter City emergency management staff during a storm event and become the Center of Operations in a post-storm environment.


University of South Florida St. Petersburg's Kate Tiedemann College of Business

Services - LEED Certification

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USF SP Poynter Lab

Services - LEED Platinum Certification & Commissioning

The multi-purpose lab is fitted for both biology and physics studies. It has floor ports for every student, which is a requirement for physics. 

The reconstruction began last July after it was decided there was a need for more labs and there happened to be a nearby empty Greyhound station to adapt. Because it was only a reconstruction, it helped keep the cost down. Where a complete demolition and rebuild would have cost roughly $5.5 million, remodeling the existing structure cost roughly $3.5 million instead. 

 The Project is targeting a LEED Platinum certificate, a first for a USF building. 


FGCU Student Academic Health & Life Fitness Center

Services - LEED Certification & Commissioining

Rollins College - Strong Hall

LEED Certified

Services - LEED Certification

10,000 sq/ft   $2,500,000

The new facility incorporates several sustainable design strategies. such as thermal pane windows with high-performance glaze for heat control, individual temperature controls in each room, occupancy sensors, low-water-use fixtures, low-VOC paint, energy metering and AC provided by efficient chilled-water production. Phase I of the project, which was completed in 2012, was the first LEED-certified building on campus. 

Learning Gate Community School

First LEED Platinum School

Services - LEED Certification

10,000 sq/ft $1,200,000

The 27-acre campus consists of one-floor buildings owned by Hillsborough County. 

The school chose the use of prefab structures similar to existing campus buildings. Issues such as indoor air quality, acoustics, and natural lighting were a paramount concern. To optimize energy performance, the owner wanted to minimize artificial lighting, install high-efficient fixtures, and utilize natural day-lighting. In considering the HVAC systems, the school wanted it as efficient as possible and was interested in pushing the envelope in this area. In specifying the equipment, first cost as well as long-term energy consumption was considered. Humidity control was incorporated to ensure occupant comfort. The HVAC systems were designed and tested to be properly sized for the project, reducing the energy consumption needed to cool the facility. Photovoltaic panels supply electricity for the facility. Water savings is a priority; a cistern was installed for rain and grey water harvesting, which can be used for irrigation and waste transportation. Low-flow fixtures were installed throughout for this project.



New College of Florida Heiser Natural Science Center

Services - LEED Certification & Commissioining

The 56,000-square-foot Heiser Natural Sciences Complex includes teaching and research labs for chemistry, biochemistry, biology, bioinformatics, computational science, mathematics and physics.

The 22,000-square-foot addition will help accommodate that demand. The first floor of the new wing includes the division and chair’s offices, eight faculty offices, a computer sciences reading room, a physics teaching lab with support spaces, and a conference room and large classroom that can be converted to research laboratory space in the future.


City of St. Petersburg Police Training Facility

Services - LEED Certification & Commissioning



P424 LCS Mission Module Readiness Center

Services - LEED Certification & Commissioning

LEED Project.jpg

Daytona Fire Resue

Services - LEED Certification & Commissioning


Wauchula National Guard Armory

Services - LEED Certification

The Wauchula National Guard Amory is a prime example showing that the state government is dedicated to building to a sustainable standard. The Armory is one of 83 properties operated by the Florida National Guard. Acquired in 1988, the building and land are owned by the state of Florida. Due to the expense of maintaining inefficient older facilities, the National Guard is in the process of renovating or replacing its facilities.

The federal military infrastructure construction budget is estimated to be $25 million per year, for the next 30 years. Within Florida, construction funding is through the Florida Army Revitalization Program (FARP). FARP established a nine point Order of Work Priority, which includes LEED Silver Certification as priority number six, within the financial constraints of the project. The Armory has been renovated through this program. Two Trails Inc. and The Artec Group are proud to be involved in this project that earned a LEED Silver Certification.