Government, Commercial & Commissioning Services

We Provide multiple USGBC LEED tracks for sustainable certification.  Building Design + Construction, Interior Design + Construction, Building Operations + Maintenance, USGBC LEED Commissioning, Florida Building Code Commissioning

leed administration & LEED certification

GREEN globes certification

building code commissioning

     energy modeling       


Multi-family, Residential & Development Services

We provide multiple tracks for residential sustainable certification. ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS), USGBC LEED for Homes, Energy Star/Indoor airPLUS/Water Star, HERS Index/Energy Audits, Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), USGBC LEED for Developments

usgbc leed administration & LEED for homes certification

home innovation labs: national green building standard certification (NGBS)|MASTER VERIFIER 

green globes certification

home energy star certification, indoor airplus, water star, doe zero energy ready

hers index & energy audits

blower door / home envelope testing certification

florida green building coalition (FGBC)




The New American Home at The International Builders Show in Partnership with The NAHB Leading Suppliers Council

Two Trails is proud to be a part of the International Builders Show showcase home known as The New American Home for the past eight years.  Two Trails donates it’s services to work with the building partners and suppliers in order to certify the home to ICC700 National Green Building Standard as well as other national sustainable certifications.  The home represents a showcase of working building concepts, sustainable concepts and the latest building products.  The home is designed to be a plethora of ideas that builders and homeowners can see and implement one or many ideas into their projects.  Make sure to sign up early to tour the home at the International Builders Show.  Tickets sell out fast.