New American Home a Source of Latest Product, Design and Green Building Ideas

Two Trails Inc. were the Green Consultants on this project. The New American Home (TNAH) 2011 is beautiful and loaded with new products and design innovations that will stimulate the imagination of anyone who makes their living in the housing industry. The grand show home will be a highlight of the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS), Jan. 12 through 15 in Orlando.

The home features American Empire design with Greek Revival elements and combines an inviting layout with elegant style, eccentric interiors and easy classicism. Built in a quiet Orlando neighborhood, it offers a view of a lake with the city skyline beyond.

“Anyone attending the International Builders’ Show should see The New American Home,” said Alex Hannigan, a past TNAH builder and current chairman of the TNAH Task Force, which oversees the project each year. “Whether you’re looking for inspiration on green building, technology systems integration or the latest design trends, this home will give you great ideas that you can take back to your business.”

Now in its 28th year, The New American Home is constructed annually in conjunction with the IBS to showcase innovative building technologies and the latest building products.

As NAHB’s official show home, it displays design trends, construction techniques and materials that the building industry can use in any new or remodeled home. The showcase products in the home are provided by members of NCHI, the National Council of the Housing Industry, the leading manufacturers and suppliers for the construction industry.

Unlike previous New American Homes, which were sold after the Builders’ Show, TNAH 2011 is a custom residence that is being constructed for specific buyers.

Built by Orlando Builder Continental Homes, it is being constructed on an infill building site in an older neighborhood on the South side of Lake Davis near downtown. The architect of design for the project was Michael Curtis of The Studio in Alexandria, Va., and the architect of record was Christopher M. Donnelly of Donnelly Architecture, Inc. in Beverly Hills, Fla. Kate Clarke of Continental Design oversaw the home’s interior design.

In keeping with increasing demand for energy- and resource-efficiency, TNAH 2011 has been built to achieve “Emerald” status under the National Green Building Standard, and is seeking certification at this time. The standard was developed by NAHB and is approved by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. “Emerald” is the highest of the four levels of achievement in resource efficiency that the standard recognizes.

To attain the Emerald level, TNAH 2011 relies on the latest innovations in green building and construction technology, including a state-of-the-art energy efficiency package.

The home’s green building features include masonry block construction for exterior walls, a solar-assisted HVAC system, solar hot water heater with gas backup, open and closed spray foam insulation for different parts of the house and photovoltaic cells. It also includes a greywater recycling system, tankless hot water heaters, hydronic air handlers and “intelligent” fire places.

Other energy and resource efficiency features include:

  • Energy Star appliances
  • Low VOC paints, stains, adhesives and sealants
  • Formaldehyde-free wood cabinetry, paneling and sheathing
  • Whole-house automation system
  • Whole-house lighting control system
  • Dual-flush water closets
  • Low-flow shower head and faucets
  • Native and drought-tolerant plants
  • Artificial grass
  • Weather-controlled irrigation system
  • Rainwater harvesting system

In addition to state-of-the-art green building technology, TNAH 2011 features dynamic aesthetic design, including fountains, pools, solar elements and leading-edge art-glass work.

In addition to the Emerald certification under the National Green Building Standard, TNAH 2011 received the following:

“I live in Orlando, so I’ve been able to watch the construction of this home from beginning to end,” Hannigan said. “I’m very excited about TNAH 2011. It is full of innovative new products, the finishes are excellent and the interior design by Kate Clarke is wonderfully creative.”

Registered IBS attendees who want to learn about the design trends and new products in TNAH 2011 will find the show home at 820 S. Lake Davis Drive in Orlando (12.3 miles and 19 minutes — subject to traffic — from the convention center).

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