2012 SEBC Two Trails Speaking Events

We look forward to seeing you all at SEBC this year.  Two Trails will be involved in 4 speaking sessions this year.  Drew Smith, Debbie Smith, and Eric Gimson of Two Trails Green Building consulting will be speaking at the following sessions.  Please mark your calendars, we would love to see you in attendance!  

LEED Educational Seminars – Thursday, July 26 Time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM 

Location: Southeast Building Conference  REGISTER

Session 3 - 90min.

LEED-Homes - Checklist, categories, scoring, and requirements

This session will continue the LEED-Homes process with a hands on demonstration of an example home and designer/contractor.  An almost “re-enactment” of the initial team meeting, the Green Rater will actually go through the LEED-Homes checklist with a Project Team while explaining the requirements and documentation.  The process will include a Durability evaluation and inspection checklist. (Speakers: Drew Smith with Two Trails and Phil Kean with Phil Kean Designs)


Session 4 - 90min Energy Star Version 3 and 3.1 Florid

a Energy Star is built on top of the national version, so this will cover all the requirements, process, timelines, and typical costs for both.  The material will emphasize the critical impacts to designers and builders.  An example designer/contractor will start the online training and commitment process.  The HERS Raters will cover the initial documents & specifications, the inspection checklists, and the final tests.  Also, a qualified Energy Star HVAC contractor will be available to answer any questions in regards to their requirements and commissioning.

(Speakers: Jason Helvenston with Simply Sustain and Eric Gimson with Two Trails)

Thursday, July 26 Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM

Green Building (B)


Learn how to achieve the elusive LEED Residential Certification easily and affordably. See how it fits into line with NAHB Green Certification and Florida Green Building Coalition residential certification.

 (Speaker : Drew Smith, CGR, GMB, LEED AP, Two Trails Inc., Sarasota, FL)


Saturday, July 28 Time: 8:00 – 9:30 AM

Green Building (B)

Integrating New Green Technology

Integrating new green technologies is a fun and exciting process! The horizon of new products is ever expanding as new products are made available. Learn about new techniques for implementing existing technologies, new products eliminating older technologies, and innovative new solutions for existing buildings. Learn about the future and see beyond the possibilities of today with a glimpse of the not too distant future!

(Speaker: Debbie Smith, Two Trails Inc., Sarasota, FL)