Is building green a lifestyle of sacrifice or a lifestyle of premiums?

Typically, there have been two perceived schools of thought on the green lifestyle.  The first is the fully immersed individual; they go to the extreme in the green movements with items like a compost garden, is interested in public transportation and committed to the use of natural products.  The second perceived notion of being green is an expensive endeavor that requires you to pay a premium.  This individual drives a hybrid vehicle, installs solar panels on their home and is willing to pay a premium for “green” products.  

In their own regards, both groups are committed to their lifestyle and at times one group feels disconnected towards the other in the method in which they achieve their green lifestyle.  While each lifestyle is committed to their actions in being green they often don’t understand each other’s means to getting to their green ends.  It then becomes a power play on which lifestyle is the true green lifestyle.  The sacrificial lifestyle resents the premium lifestyle for using their money to achieve their green lifestyle and the premium lifestyle mocks the minimalist for being unrealistic in their everyday needs. The current green awareness on television, in our schools, and in our community is astounding. The participation level is at an all time high with more individuals getting involved in their own way.  I believe a vast majority of municipalities at least have a recycling program, fifteen years ago there was very little recycling being done via municipalities.


The green movement is so popular that a high percentage of products are now marketed to you solely on their “greenness”.  While some of these marketing techniques are designed to make you feel better about your purchase it all is starting to add up and getting the next generation and the generation after that more involved and aware of their impact on the environment.


The fact is that most consumers don’t fall in either extreme category.  Many individuals are in the middle.  When it comes to being green or building green you can do it on any budget, to any extreme.  Every little bit helps to make this planet better.  Don’t worry if you feel you can’t be an extreme.  Just do your part to make this a better environment now and for the future.

-Mr. Green