Living on the Suncoast

What are the top Green Features to look for in a home?

When looking for new home the best way is to look for a home that holds some type of regional or national certification.  While there are many builders out there not all build to these current practices, but may claim that their homes are "Green".  Keep in mind a certification holds the builder to a building level and requires third party verification to prove that a home is green.  Without that anything a builder may tell you is hearsay. 

Is building green a lifestyle of sacrifice or a lifestyle of premiums?

Typically, there have been two perceived schools of thought on the green lifestyle.  The first is the fully immersed individual; they go to the extreme in the green movements with items like a compost garden, is interested in public transportation and committed to the use of natural products.  The second perceived notion of being green is an expensive endeavor that requires you to pay a premium.  This individual drives a hybrid vehicle, installs solar panels on their home and is willing to pay a premium for “green” products.  

Should I invest in a wind turbine for my home?

You need to ask yourself a few questions before flying down the path of wind turbine ownership.  

Do I have the correct geographically location?  Most homes have the ability to install solar panels in some manner on the home.  The sun is going to hit your home eventually unless you are deeply covered with trees.  Wind on the other hand is not going to be good for every home type.  If you do live in a mature neighborhood, trees can play a factor in how much wind is flowing around you home.  If you live in a wide open area you have a better chance for longer more frequent bursts of wind.

What is a building envelope and why is it important?

A building envelope is commonly defined as the separation of the interior and exterior of a building.  It helps facilitate climate control and protect the indoor environment.  Overall it is the entire exterior building system.  It includes doors, windows, roof, foundation, floor, siding and all the components such as structural masonry and insulation.