First Carbon Neutral Offshore Power Boat is World Champion!

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) November 17, 2010 Two Trails, Inc.- Green Building Consulting sponsoring the J&S racing team wins 1st place at the Super Boat International event held in Key West, FL. on Nov.12-15, 2010. Congratulations to Scott Brown (Driver) and Eddie Tamberino (Throtteman), on their first place victory.

This season Two Trails felt that being environmentally responsible was just as important as being sponsors for the boat. We decided to buy carbon offsets for the race season. Being "carbon neutral" means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put in. How can we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? One way is to buy "carbon offsets." This supports projects like wind farms or solar parks. It helps make clean energy more affordable. It reduces future greenhouse gas emissions to make up for out travel and electricity used today.

The average race boat uses about 450 gallons of fuel during the race season. The impact of Two Trails' action helps avoid up to 6,614 pounds (3 metric tons) of carbon dioxide emissions from being emitted into the atmosphere. This commitment has a similar impact as: 36 fully mature trees planted, or one passenger car off the road for a year. In our scenario, it is one race season.

"We are extremely proud of the J&S Motorsports race team for all they have accomplished this year. We could not be any happier as sponsors to see this type of success this year. It has been our privilege to be associated with true sportsmen on and off the circuit. We look forward to even more success with this team," said Drew Smith President of Two Trails Inc.

It was an exciting race with speeds from 75 to 79 and choppy conditions. It was a race to remember. With one boat ejecting its driver and throttleman and another flipping over while everyone in the stands was holding their breath.

It isn't until the race is over that you get to hear what really happens out on the course. With Scott Brown and Eddie "T" the course tested their ability. The years they have spent together and the trust that they have in each other allows for a special communication of souls while driving. "At one point we took the turn, the boat dove under the water all we saw was a wall of water, I looked at Eddie he had the throttle down. Grabbed my regulator and held on to the wheel. It was all Eddie. He had the skill and presence to know how to handle that situation," stated Scott Brown.

On the flip side, "You know all I could do was look at Scott and know he knew what to do. I've never had that happen before we shot up out of the water, did a little vertical dance and slammed back into racing. Yeah, it was fun. You know you are alive. It is what this is all about." stated Eddie "T".

"These guys are special. They are still in shock at what they have accomplished. This is why we sponsor them. It is more than a team, it's a family. Not just our race team but all of the teams help each other out. We owe a special thanks to Warpaint. You know they all just want to win, but not by default, they want to do it racing," stated Debbie Smith, Vice President of Two Trails, Inc.

As the teams began to leave after the awards presentation, there was a lot of backslapping, hugging and tears of joy. It was a good race, no serious injuries and memories for a team that work an entire season hoping for victory. The reality of winning will probably not set in until sometime next week; as the adrenaline fades an images of a successful race season emerge.

"Hey, World Champions" was shouted from a passerby with his fist in the air on Duval Street. Scott looked at his wife and smiled, that said it all.

Super Boat International races took place in nine markets across the country in 2010. Super Boat International is the only official national and international sanctioning body for offshore powerboat racing in the world. The rectangular racecourses average six miles in length, and the aptly named offshore boats power through the waves at speeds up to 200 mph.

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