Two Trails Sponsors Carbon Offset for Offshore Power Boat Racing

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) November 10, 2010 Two Trails, Inc.- Green Building Consulting has partnered with J&S Motorsports and AquaNew, L.L.C. as sponsors of an offshore powerboat race team, that drives in the Superboat International racing circuit. Scott Brown, Driver/Owner and Eddie Tamberino, Throttleman/Owner are currently in 2nd place in the National standings, in the Production 4 division, going into the Key West World Championships.

As a green building consulting firm, we felt the best thing we could do with sponsoring the offshore powerboat was to make the boat carbon neutral. Being “carbon neutral” means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put in. How can we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? One way is to buy “carbon offsets.” This supports projects like wind farms or solar parks. It helps make clean energy more affordable. It reduces future greenhouse gas emissions to make up for out travel and electricity used today.

The average race boat uses about 450 gallons of fuel during the race season. The impact of Two Trails’ action helps avoid up to 6,614 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being emitted into the atmosphere. This commitment has a similar impact as: 36 fully mature trees planted, or one passenger car off the road for a year. In our scenario it is one race season.

“Just like racing, the goal is to be the leader. It is also our goal to lead by example in being responsible to our environment in off setting our carbon impact,” said Drew Smith, President of Two Trails Inc. Living a sustainable lifestyle means making choices. Today the technology is not practical or available to have an environmentally friendly offshore powerboat. We have chosen to offset our impact on the environment through “carbon offsets” for the entire year of racing. We hope that the future will bring new technologies; it is through support that this will happen.

“Our concern is always for the environment. We see Superboat International working to ensure the safety of the animals, environment and the drivers. We believe in first steps, it is how green building started. It’s like playing chess, you can’t win if you never move the first piece,” stated Debbie Smith, Vice President of Two Trails,Inc.

About Two Trails, Inc. Two Trails, Inc. is a Green Building Consulting firm established in 2001. We provide green consulting services nationwide for commercial, residential, remodeling, and developments looking to obtain LEED (US Green Building Council) NAHB Green Home Standard, Energy Star, FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition) certifications.

Our President, Drew M. Smith, LEED AP, was the founding President of the Florida Green Building Coalition and is the first Governor appointed Green Building Commissioner for the State of Florida. Two Trails, Inc. provides hands-on consulting making it easy to achieve certification.