Green or Not Green: Which ‘Trail’ Did you Choose? Two Trails, Inc. Celebrates 8 Years of Green Building Consulting

Two Trails, Inc. was pushing the construction industry forward into a new realm before the term "green" was commonplace. Today, it is a widely accepted term for environmentally sustainable construction practices. However, 8 years ago it was only through perseverance that a company focused on Green Building techniques could remain in business. In fact, there was no demand for it in the marketplace.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) February 20, 2008 -- When Drew and Debbie Smith dedicated themselves to a little known cause called "Green Building", the term "Green" was just a color in the crayon box. Today, it stands for saving natural resources, energy efficiency and saving money. Two Trails, Inc. -- Green Building Consulting was a dream that needed to become a reality, now 8 years later the trail to success is lush. Two Trails, Inc. has become one of the leaders in the Green Building Industry, by developing programs that help a builder or developer take their projects green through a turnkey process. For more information on Two Trails visit our website at

The slowing of residential building allowed builders and developers the time to explore innovations in their industry. Green Building incorporates new technologies within the building process. Two Trails initial focus was to work with supporting industries to help them understand how changing their products can start a domino effect of change within an entire industry. Two Trails developed systems of support for the life cycle of a project.

Some consultants take a piece-meal approach when it comes to greening a project. Two Trails looks at a project as a sustainable entity that will outlast the current generation, it is like taking a step back in time and developing a system for creating an heirloom. The project becomes more than just a residential or commercial project. Residential properties become affordable, durable homes, better built to withstand the elements and use or reuse natural resources. Commercial projects become healthy work or learning environments. Developments incorporate new urbanism designs, creating green lifestyle communities that benefit those who chose to work or live within the project.

Green Solutions:

An example of one such project is University Town Center in Sarasota, FL by Benderson Development Corporation; this development will redefine what is considered "green" in the development world. Alternative fuel vehicles, parks within parking areas, residential homes mixed with commercial space, mass transportation areas to move people seamlessly are some strategies being incorporated. It is a new urbanism approach but taken to a new level of environmental awareness.

"Working on a LEED high-rise twin towers project in Miami has been exciting," stated Drew Smith, President of Two Trails, Inc. "We have done high-rise residential projects before but this project has pushed our team to really think outside of our knowledge base to discover new innovations. The world of green building is ever changing; it is our job to find those new solutions."

Two Trails clientele is impressive, but the projects themselves are innovative in the field of Green Building. In Florida, Two Trails, Inc. is considered a household name in Green Building. Drew Smith, the founding president of the Florida Green Building Coalition, played a key role in the development of many of the recognized green standards used to certify projects. As Two Trails grew, it gave him the opportunity to find those projects, which push the envelope in design, technologies and innovation.

With over 100+ homes at any given time in the certification process, it takes a highly trained team to track and evaluate each project. One of the unique projects is a LEED Platinum School, Learning Gate School, which will have existing buildings next to the new green certified structures. This will allow for a real-life comparison of healthy learning environments. The student body will also be kept separate to ensure accurate data can be obtained. Nevertheless, the part that sets this project apart is the fact that students are all learning about the features and benefits of the new classrooms! They are excited, enthusiastic learners that will carry this experience with them as they make choices in their living environment in the future.

Two Trails, Inc. tailored green building solutions, is a winning combination that has resulted in Two Trails working with a diverse client base including U.S. Government agencies, small and mid-sized businesses, schools and non-profit agencies.

Two Trails, Inc. is unique in their ability to assess needs, identify strengths, and design services that will enhance each client's unique circumstance. Their approach works in tandem to provide education for sales teams, marketing assistance and preventative maintenance solutions to ensure the sustainability of green features well into the future.

Green Building University:

Recognizing the need for continued education of sales teams and technical professionals Two Trails, Inc. added a new division to bring education of not only green building, but global environmental thinking of green lifestyles. Green Building University was created as a resource for green building content. All of our trainers and speakers have real life experience in the green construction world, commanding respect from their peers for their foresight and clarity to help propel green building to the forefront of an industry steeped in tradition. They each bring their own unique experiences to enhance educational presentations, seminars, conventions, keynote, and training programs. Courses are available on-line at or in person depending on the type of learning experience desired.

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