The LEEDing Edge of Green Certifications

First LEED Platinum Home in the State of Florida (LEED for Homes Platinum v.1 certification from the USGBC) Second in the entire US. and highest Scoring FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition) Certified Green Home In the State.

(PRWEB) March 13, 2009 -- The Grand Opening of Codding Cottage was spectacular, not only were people flowing in the door but also they were buying! Josh Wynne, president of Josh Wynne Construction, is inundated with contracts for new homes. The word is out that if you build it green they will come and being the first in the state of Florida to achieve the prestigious LEED for Homes Platinum v.1 certification from US. Green Building Council is a huge accomplishment for any builder.

Furthermore, it is the second LEED for Homes Platinum v.1 certification in the United States! Mr. Wynne is quick to give recognition to all his subcontractors stating, "I couldn't have done it without my green team!" Nevertheless, the certifications did not stop here; the carriage house located on the property is the new highest scoring home ever scored by the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC). With a score of 267 out of 300 this amazing home easily surpassed the previous record of 234. The main house received an FGBC score of 237 out of 300 making the Codding Cottage and its carriage house the number one and number two highest scoring homes in the state. This incredible home is also certified by Energy Star, FPL's Build Smart program, Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Landscape, and the National Wildlife Federation.

"This home really does set the standard for Certified Green Homes not only here but around the nation!" stated Drew Smith, LEED AP and Certifying Agent on the home from Two Trails, Inc. - Green Building Consulting. "Our company has experience in taking residential and commercial builders like Josh to the level of certification they would like to obtain easily. We make the entire process turnkey."

"Home buyers are looking for quality and price, we hear it every day, and I just gave them what they wanted. I showed the homebuyers how they would save money with my design from day one and into the future. They didn't come in looking for a "green" home, they came looking to save money and they will!" stated Mr. Wynne.

When you walk into the cracker style home, located in the National Historic Neighborhood of Laurel Park in downtown Sarasota, you "feel" something is different. The house emits warmth found not only in the design, but also in the aged materials that have been recycled and reused in a manner that "fits" like a glove with the new construction. The pantry doors become a conversation piece, the flooring is stunning and the attention to the smallest details start to pop out to any prospective homebuyer.

Codding Cottage designed and built for its owner Phil Carey, whose interest in planes gave Mr. Wynne the inspiration for the rails on the steps. "I like to bring the personality of the owner into my homes, it gives them ownership and the homeowner knows it is a one of a kind home built for them."

Mr. Wynne was proud of his accomplishment, and we as Floridians get to share in that pride for each home that is built in this manner helps save our natural resources. When asked if it was hard to do, Mr. Wynne replied, "It was a learning curve, but I have always been environmentally conscious, so it wasn't a big leap in theory for me to know this was the right way to build a home."

Members of the "green team" were Dale Parks of Siebert Architects prepared the architectural concept. Drew Smith of Two Trails, Inc. was the LEED AP and FGBC accrediting agent (residential, commercial offices in FL, NC and GA). Dennis Stroer of Calcs-Plus was the Energy Rater and prepared the Energy Star certification as well as the Builder's Challenge entry. All green system designs and specifications were done by Josh Wynne of Josh Wynne Construction, Inc. More information about this home and other upcoming exciting green homes can be viewed at Two Trails, Inc.- Green Building Consulting ( or

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