Kanaya Luxury Condos Aims to Become the FIRST FGBC Certified Condominium

Kanaya Luxury Condos will be the first multi-family, multi-story complex developed using Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Standards. By setting a higher standard for future condo projects to meet, Kanaya Condos will provide a healthier living environment, with energy and economic benefits for residents through better building techniques. Sarasota, Florida (PRWEB) September 5, 2005 -- Of the hundreds of building projects that have earned Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Certification, a coveted certification in the state of Florida which provides a statewide Green Building program with environmental, energy and economic benefits, not one has been a condominium. But the new Kanaya Condos in Sarasota, Florida will change all of that.

The 35 unit condominium complex which will open late in 2006, will contain a multitude of sustainable products and design elements. Kanaya, LLC managing member Dr. Harvey Kaltsas has hired Drew Smith, Green Building Consultant, from Two Trails, Inc. to oversee the entire process and help educate the architect, contractor and sub-contractors on the practice of building a project "Green" from the ground up.

Two Trails, Inc. was founded by Drew Smith to assist builders and developers in the techniques of green or sustainable buildings. Drew has received numerous awards for his dedication in building projects healthier and more resource-efficient. "In a world of rising gas prices and fresh water concerns it only makes sense that builders and developer need to adapt to the concerns for a healthier living and working environment."

Furthermore, Smith believes that the time has come for consumers to express their desire to live and work in a healthy environment. "People live healthier lifestyles, they want clean running cars, and they want their homes to be a healthy environment too." Dr. Kaltsas has taken a big step forward in providing an environment above and beyond what the residents are used to getting. He has taken the initiative to develop a project designed for the total well being of the residents. Together Harvey and Drew will bring a new dimension to what homebuyers will expect in their decision process for purchasing a new residence.

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