Services - LEED Certification

35,169 sq/ft   $1,443,886

The building includes 113 solar panels installed currently producing 7,000 kilowatt hours and saving an average of 5 tons of CO2 per month. Other eco-friendly features include: a framework built with 100 percent recycled steel, water-wise low flow faucets, ice coolant adaptable air condition units, “carbon neutral” certification, energy saving strategies including motion detection lighting, a corporate recycling program, and more.

The new Venice facility effectively triples the space to 45,000 square feet their old facility, of which 30,000 is already being utilized. The new lab is four times larger and enables the company to conduct product validation and in-house research and development trials.

A new retailer training center is designed to educate up to 50 retailers at a time and provide continuing education and introduction to new technologies. The bottling and shipping department currently produces 100,000 bottles per month, distributes in 14 countries and ships to an additional 27 countries. The company sends over 5,000 orders per month to all 6 continents.